A revolutionary way of testing new product concepts.


Identify the potential of new product concepts purely through observation of consumer behavior

Concept Testing 2.0 is an alternative Kantar solution to the conventional concept testing. It is based on System 1 principles and deviates from the standard norm of exposing a concept card and taking responses on rating scales. It is founded on the principles of using behavioral data to identify concept performance rather than claimed data.

It recognizes the fact that most consumer decisions are led by intuition and heuristics rather than deliberate and rational thinking and therefore simulates an environment for the consumer where the natural behavior and decision making process is in play.

Straightforward and easy-to-use
The consumer navigates through a shadow E-Commerce website where the test concept is placed along with the competition offers. He or she can choose to read more about any of the concept/products, like them, post reviews and add them to her purchase basket. All behavior is recorded and used to analyze the potential of the new concept.


Five simple steps

  • Videos, write-ups and graphics are made for each concept to be tested.
  • The concepts are then hosted on a shadow E-Commerce website.
  • The test concepts are presented alongside existing competitive offers delivering a true competitive context.
  • Invites are sent out to people to come and have a say in what the big internet companies do.
  • End to end behaviour of each visitor on the website is recorded. This data is analysed to identify potential of concepts. Results displayed in an easy to use dashboard.

If you want to know more about this easy-to-use and revolutionary concept of product testing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our innovation expert, Corinne Mostaert.
Have a look at the demo on Fast Moving Consumer Goods we created.