Why brands must think 'women first' when developing voice applications


Voice could well be the technology to bridge the gender digital divide and help women leapfrog to equality. Voice has the potential to break down many of the barriers that women face, and in many respects, it seems an intuitively good fit with women’s needs and lifestyles. Most models of behaviour change point to the importance of three factors coming together to create change – motivators, enablers and triggers. 

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Create, screen and validate winning pack designs

Our pack testing approach helps clients develop and test winning packaging. Combined with Kantar Consulting’s state of the art virtual reality environments and our actionable innovation and commerce expertise we help clients create packaging that stands out, engages consumers and helps drive business growth.

We have a suite of solutions:

Pack Create
Uses world-class virtual reality and intuitive thinking to allow category shoppers to build a pack that meets their individual needs.
Pack Express
Helps identify winning pack designs with certainty in as little as seven days, with clear recommendations and guidance on what really works.
Pack eValuate
Uses pioneering virtual reality to replicate the in-store and eCommerce environment, and behavioural and techniques to accurately understand the purchase process.

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