Spark the magic between brand and customer experience

When it comes to customer experience, many companies fail to create the magical moments that will light up your day – those moments that will help a brand stand out from the crowd. Read more

March 2018 | Customer experience management

Gender balanced brands drive far greater brand value. Still, only one in three brands achieve this balance in Belgium

New AdReaction study helps brands understand the importance of getting gender right. How can gender progressive advertising help grow your brand? Read more

July 2019

When it comes to customer experience, the time for talk has passed

There’s a lot of talk about the importance and value of customer experience. A LOT of talk. But there is still not as much meaningful action going on as there really should be Read more

October 2018 | Customer experience management

Leaps of faith: inspiring trust in disruptive times

The concept of trust has usually been associated with stasis more than change. It brings up images of age-old, time-tested, large, solid brands and organisations with large and loyal user bases. Full article

April 2018 | Intelligence Applied

Why brands must think ‘women-first’ when developing voice applications

As women around the world are less digitally connected than men, could voice technology help bridge this gender digital divide and help women leapfrog to equality? Read more

July 2018

Kantar named 'most innovative' by Research Industry Commentator Greenbook

Kantar today welcomed the news from Greenbook, the industry commentator, that research professionals across the world have identified Kantar as the most innovative research and insights company. The GRIT50 report, published today, surveyed almost 4,000 research professionals from every major industry across the world. Research leaders identified the development of new methodologies and tools, creativity and the use of technology as key differentiators in innovation. Read more

August 2018